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  Rain and Snow Shattering Farmers' Hopes for Decent Soybean Crop
  Campaigns Get Millions in Outsider Cash10/18 06:37
  UK, EU Agree to More Brexit Time 10/18 06:44
  China's Yuan Sinks Further 10/18 06:33
  WH Counsel McGahn Leaves Job 10/18 06:40
  VA Kicks Off 400th Anniversary Year 10/18 06:43
  Some Return to FL City Homeless 10/18 06:36
  WCoast Quake Warning System Working 10/18 06:39
  Stocks Skid as Interest Rates Rise 10/18 09:35
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@C8Z 370'4 -3'6
@S8X 865'0 -20'6
@W8Z 512'4 -5'0
@O8Z 295'6 0'4
MSFT 108.156800 - 2.553200
WMT 95.865000 -0.695000
XOM 81.650000 0.150000

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